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RV and Boat Slips for Rent

Dock View from Lake

Boat Slips

At Tawakoni Marina, we have over 65 boat slips available for rent. We even have some short-term rental slips (4) for single or multi-day use. If you are looking for a short-term rental, call the office at 903-447-2255 and we will set you up over the phone or you may email us at If you are interested in a short-term boat rental, we now have those available. Click Here or select the Temporary Boat Slip Rentals tab at the top of the website.

Overhead Aerial of RV Slips

RV Slips

At Tawakoni Marina, we have 28 RV slips available for full-time rent. There is a weekend/temporary spot available as well. That can be booked by calling the office at 903-447-2255 or you may email us at In our current development phase we are planning on expanding the number of RV slips so stay tuned!

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