Tawakoni Marina Managers Mike and Janet Miller


We are Mike and Janet Miller, Managers of the Tawakoni Marina. We are here to help you enjoy our facilities in a safe and fun environment. We have been involved at the marina for 7 years. First, as residents and now as full-time on-site managers. We have grown to love living here and it is our firm belief that we have one of the finest and thriving marinas in Texas. Come on by and let us give you a tour.

Pontoon Boat on Lake Tawakoni

At the Tawakoni Marina, we have a variety of water craft available for rental. If you are a day fisherman and want a quick and simple way to get out on the water, then rent one of our fishing kayaks.

If you are more in a party mood, then one of our party pontoon boats will fill the bill nicely. Either way, come in and relax on a quality vessel and have a great day on Lake Tawakoni. We’ll see you out on the water

Bass Fishing at Lake Tawakoni

There’s lots of good fishing here at Tawakoni Marina. This little jewel was caught off the public fishing docks.

Catfishing is one of Lake Tawakoni’s sure bets. Anglers use a range of baits including cut bait, shrimp, liver, stink baits and earthworms.

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